Synaptik gScan


Synaptik gScan - Main features

The gScan

  • Unique solution for the in-line measurement of the coating weigh for the lamination process
  • Suitable for polyurethane-based adhesives either solvent and solventless on transparent/plane, printed and metalized films
  • High accuracy measurements
  • Detection of mixing ratio failures
  • Compact design and easy to install into any laminating machine of the market


  • 15” for an optimal graphics visualization
  • Multi-touch technology & smooth handling
  • Multiple installation choices
  • LED backlit for visual alarm


  • User friendly and intuitive software exclusively developed by Synaptik
  • Control all the parameters you need for the lamination process
  • Several configuration options
  • Upgradable

Full web width inspection

  • Automatic full scanning
  • Measurement of the whole lamination width
  • Detection of lines up to 1 mm without adhesive
  • Display the complete graphic profile of the coating weight

Failure alarm

  • Built-in visual and acoustic alarm
  • Alarm sensitivity & tolerance settings

Synaptik Vision

  • Connect the gScan to a bigger monitor through a standard HDMI cable
  • Enhance the visualization options


  • Save the production data of every job
  • Data access for quality control reports


  • Real time data acquisition through the synchronization with your manufacturing plant software and ERP via OPC UA
  • Access traceability files via IP/TP

Remote support

  • Remote access by our Service Team no matter where and when

The benefits

Faster laminator set-up

Reduction of manual samples for every new job

More time available for production


Optimization of the adhesive consumption

Full control of the adhesive application in real time



Production quality

Ensure maximum quality of the laminated jobs

Reduce waste of film

Avoid customer claims