• Machine for EB coatings.
  • Desgined for the flexible packaging printed in digital with similar ergonomics as the HP Indigo 2000.
  • Quick job changes, ideal for short runs.
  • Modular design. The modules can be used for other coating/laminating machine models.
  • Speed and width according to the specifications of the digital market.
  • Ready for Industry 4.0.



  • High shaftless unwinder and rewinder for quick roll changing.
  • Optimized corona treater suitable for digital electro inks.
  • Synaptik 4in1 Coating unit, 100% optimized for EB coatings with minimal set-up time.
  • Electron Beam unit specifically designed for speeds and widths used in digitally printed flexible packaging films.
  • Control desk with 15" touchscreen with Synaptik Software.
  • Automatic self-cleaning, coating wash-out and refilling in less than 10 minutes.


4in1 Coating unit:

  • Automatic rollers positioning: 4 gearless servo motors for anilox and PC rollers positioning.
  • Sleeve system for the anilox and PC: for fast set-up and quick changeover.
  • Closed chamber doctor blade: minimal amount of lacquer in the coating station for fast and self-cleaning.
  • Optical sensor: to read the length marks of the printed film and apply lacquer at register in case of pattern applications.


Technical data:

Speed up to 200 m/min (650 ft/min)
Substrates PET, BOPP, CPP, ALU, PA, PE, Paper
Web width 300 - 820 mm (11.8 - 32.2 in)
Max. reel diameter 800 mm (31.5 in)
Max. tension 250 N (56.2 lbf)
Min. tension 15 N (3.4 lbf)
Max. reel weight 800 Kg (1764 lbs)
Reel core 3" & 6"
Tension control Dancer roller