The g-SCAN-iR is a unique system that will allow you to read in real time the coating weight that is being applied. The system can be easily mounted in any laminator. We have successfully retrofitted all kinds of Bobst/Rotomec, Nordmeccanica, Comexi, DCM, Uteco, Cerutti, Polytype, Karlville/Webcontrol, Bielloni, Tifmak and other machines (solventless, solvent based, triplex) all over the world. All members of Synaptik’s technical department have years of experience in lamination.

The g-SCAN-iR works with infrarred technology and it is able to read the amount of adhesive with a very high precision, solventless or solvent base, on clear, printed or metalized films, not affected by variations of thickness in the substrate, amount of ink or any other thing. Unlike other thickness measuring systems, it has been specificially designed for converters.

With the g-SCAN-iR you know exactly what is going on so if the coating weight goes off a predefined working range (or the mixing ratio in solventless adhesives changes) the operator will know immediately and will be able to react and avoid producing thousands of meters of defective material. The g-SCAN-iR will also help the operator set the parameters of the machine and see in real time how all adjustments change the coating weight.

All data (coating weight in each position, coating weight target, range, machine speed, etc) is saved for further analysis in the internal memory of the PLC, an external USB stick or integrated seamlessly into your data management tool.

The g-SCAN-iR is also sold under the name LioScan by Henkel.